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New Years Resolution: 365 day streak

Around a year ago, I started using Duolingo for German, and using this alongside lessons, movies, books, and music in German, plus spending some time in Germany.

I've developed enough fluency to understand German people speaking, and to read books in German. I can also communicate most things, quite accurately.

This year, I have just started learning French. I aim to practise daily, and reach a high enough level of fluency to be comfortable actually using it.

From what I've personally experienced, and heard from other Duo users, Duolingo may not be the best way to finish learning a language, but it is the most effective way to start

January 1, 2018



My new year's resolution for 2017 was to keep my streak all throughout the year, which I did!

For 2018, I want to keep it for the entire year.


You apparently didn't although quite close. You have a 310 day streak.


I joined on 2017-02-19, though.


How could it have been your new year's resolution then? ;)


wow; good for you! The best of luck and happy New Year!


You should make a post at the end of the year if you've done it, to encourage others in that area. It might be nice and encouraging; just an idea...


Good luck! I know many people give up on New Year's resolutions pretty quickly, but seeing how you already have a 100+ day streak, I believe in you!

[deactivated user]

    I agree, great first step, but you need to venture out for more sources of learning. There are thousands of new words and countless expressions that just can't be contained by duo - but exist among native speakers. And although I have been at duo for much longer than my almost 700 day streak suggests, I also attend meetups through meetup.com. I love speaking in person to others. Nothing forces your brain to work overtime understanding a new language quite so well as a person right in front of you speaking that language to you! Your head spins the first few times but that passes. I also use HelloTalk because the meetup groups aren't available every day but online native speakers are available 24/7. Works great! So start finding more sources to practice your new language skills! Good luck!


    Congratulations! Best of luck with your language adventures!


    Good post George--Smith. You're further along than me, but I have come to the same conclusion. Duolingo provides an excellent foundation for vocabulary and grammar, but it is just the start of the language journey.


    I agree, seems like Duolingo is for everyone to begin any language.


    Is that you on your profile picture?

    Are you a boddybuilder? ;)

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