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Khmer and other Southeast Asian languages

Hey, I'm curious to see if anyone else is interested in learning Khmer or any other Southeast Asian languages. The only Southeast language currently provided by Duolingo is Vietnamese, although Vietnamese is pretty different than the other SE Asian languages. The rest of them have very similar alphabets and grammar/ sentence structure. After you learn one it's a lot easier to learn another. There's a good chance I'll be going to Cambodia next year and I would really REALLY like a good way to learn Khmer. Unfortunately, Khmer is only spoken within Cambodia so it's quite difficult to find outside sources to learn it. Duolingo has helped me learn languages really easily in the past so I have faith if they added Khmer it would be highly valuable, I am also interested in other SE Asian languages such as Thai, Burmese, and Lao which all have a lot in common with Khmer. It would be really great to see Southeast Asian languages be more represented on Duolingo, anyone else think so?

January 1, 2018



I would totally welcome Tai-Kadai and Austroasiatic languages on Duolingo, to be honest. I've always wanted to try Burmese despite its insane alphabet. You have my support!


Burmese is Sino-Tibetan if my memory serves correctly.


Oh, shoot, you're right. But either way Burmese counts as a Southeast Asian language and could still apply to OP's post.


Thank you, good to know others are interested :)


Still waiting on Thai....

We already have EN for TH so I would like to see TH for EN in the next year or two. Given that most of these languages use an Abuguida like Hindi (which is being tested by staff and going through IOS first for teaching characters), character-teaching is probably doable now that they have a method for it.


I would love to learn south Asian language but I'm am taking it one language at a time


I may be wrong but I would say that Khmer is the different one, because it is not a tonal language while the others do are tonal languages.

For now I am only interested in Vietnamese and Thai. And If I would have enough motivation I could learn Lao, Hindi and Khmer.


I'm 100% interested in learning Khmer. One of my closest friends is Khmer and I would love to be able to thank her mom for all the wonderful food that she makes me!

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