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When will the course making be available

WHen will the course making be available??? I applied for the incubator thingy. I wanna start it immediately , is it possible?

January 1, 2018



Sadly the Duolingo team opens new languages on their own agenda with little regard to the userbase and what they want. (Notice no Finnish, Icelandic or Latin but Klingon and High Valyrian are here? That's why.) It could take several months or even years for Duolingo to get back to you.

Also note if you applied for a personal conlang course, it's safe to assume your application has been thrown in the trash. Duolingo is not the place for making conlang courses, unless they have a MASSIVE following.


I've been on Duo for 4 years and my experience is that Duo wants to add as many new courses as it can. Why would any enterprise be reluctant to advance? You need to realize that adding courses is not as easy as it may sound (I've worked on them) and doing something fast and halfway is the best way to lose learners. When I came here there were only French, Spanish, Italian and German. Now there are over 70 courses being taught with many more in preparation. See the list here:



So what's holding Finnish, Latin, and Icelandic back? All are written with the Latin script, are the most highly requested languages on Duolingo, have grammar types that have been covered by other languages (Finnish: Hungarian; Latin/Icelandic: Romanian or any other language with cases covered by Duolingo), and have a surplus of willing and able volunteers (AFAIK Finnish had over 75).

Meanwhile Duolingo developed Klingon and High Valyrian, two conlangs with a much lower following here on Duolingo than Finnish, Latin, and Icelandic. In terms of "most requested languages," Klingon and High Valyrian were much lower in position. In addition, the languages are not fully developed. The creator of High Valyrian actually had to make new words for the course. Is an unfinished conlang really good for Duolingo? They might as well open up development for all the other personal conlangs people were asking to make on here. In addition, unlike a real language, Klingon and High Valyrian cannot open any new opportunities for the learner whatsoever. Probably 30 people speak one of them fluently in who knows where, and knowing Klingon and/or High Valyrian is completely useless for the work world. The only thing you could really do with Klingon or High Valyrian is watch Star Trek or Game of Thrones, respectively. They are useless in the real world.

A little while ago, an admin posted a thread about how Duolingo chooses languages to make. Finnish, Latin, and Icelandic fit all three points in the thread by a l o n g s h o t, while Klingon and High Valyrian barely fit any of them. Their excuse for this is "the stars align and we're able to make courses like High Valyrian." I'm sorry, but that's not a valid excuse. Duolingo needs to get their priorities in order in so many different ways, this being one of them, otherwise they are going to go down in flames.


Thanks, OmegaGmaster. I really wish Duolingo would at least teach Latin! It helps your learning skills a lot.

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