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Hej alla! I am Super-Svensk, and I am the creator of the Swedish Word of the Week page here on Duolingo. Every Monday, I post a new Swedish Word of the Week in the Swedish forum so that you can learn some cool new words, along with some Swedish culture on the way! I have created this archive as a resource to let you keep track of all the words I have posted. This list will be updated with the latest word every week along with my forum posts. If you want to review even older words, check out the 2017 Swedish Word of the Week Archive, the 2016 Swedish Word of the Week Archive, or the 2015 Swedish Word of the Week Archive! Enjoy!

WORD #181:
BREVVÄN (common gender/en-word, pl: brevvänner)
1. pen pal

WORD #180:
MUNK (common gender/en-word, pl: munkar)
1. monk
2. donut/doughnut

WORD #179:
HJALT (neuter gender/ett-word, pl: hjalt)
1. hilt (of a sword)

WORD #178:
HÄTSKHET (common gender/en-word)
1. acrimony, rancor, bitterness

WORD #177:
ORKESLÖS (adjective, orkeslös, orkeslöst, orkeslösa)
1. infirm, decrepit

WORD #176:
FÖRBLÖDA (verb, förblöder, förblödde, förblött)
1. to bleed to death

WORD #175:
MISANTROP (common gender/en-word, pl: misantroper)
1. misanthrope

WORD #174:
VÅLNAD (common gender/en-word, pl: vålnader)
1. ghost

WORD #173:
ÖRNGOTT (neuter gender/ett-word, pl: örngott)
1. pillow case

WORD #172:
MILJARDÄR (common gender/en-word, pl: miljardärer)
1. billionaire

WORD #171:
KRÄLDJUR (neuter gender/ett-word, pl: kräldjur)
1. reptile

WORD #170:
CYKELFIENTLIG (adjective, cykelfientlig, cykelfientligt, cykelfientliga)
1. having a negative/hostile attitude towards bicycles

WORD #169:
LYSTMÄTE (neuter gender/ett-word, pl: lystmäte)
1. fill (quantity that satisfies one's needs/desires)

WORD #168:
SMUTTA (verb, smuttar, smuttade, smuttat)
1. to sip

WORD #167:
HÄFTAPPARAT (common gender/en-word, pl: häftapparater)
1. stapler

WORD #166:
FÖRGÄVES (adverb)
1. in vain

WORD #165:
RACKARTYG (neuter gender/ett-word, pl: rackartyg)
1. mischief

WORD #164:
EFTERTRAKTAD (adjective, eftertraktad, eftertraktat, eftertraktade)
1. coveted, sought-after

WORD #163:
BEGAGNAD (adjective, begagnad, begagnat, begagnade)
1. used, second-hand

WORD #162:
FÖRSIGGÅ (verb, försiggår, försiggick, försiggått)
1. to happen, go on

WORD #161:
REDERI (neuter gender/ett-word)
1. shipping company

WORD #160:
AGG (neuter gender/ett-word)
1. grudge, rancor

WORD #159:
PLATINA (common gender/en-word)
1. platinum

WORD #158:
KUNGÖRELSE (common gender/en-word, pl: kungörelser)
1. proclamation, notification (official)

WORD #157:
ANSPRÅKSLÖS (adjective)
1. modest, unassuming

WORD #156:
TENTAND (common gender/en-word, pl: tentander)
1. examinee

WORD #155:
FORELL (common gender/en-word, pl: foreller)
1. trout

WORD #154:
PRAKT (common gender/en-word)
1. pomp, splendor

WORD #153:
RÄNKSMIDARE (common gender/en-word, pl: ränksmidare)
1. schemer, plotter (someone who creates schemes)

WORD #152:
LUSTIGKURRE (common gender/en-word, pl: lustigkurrar)
1. (informal) jokester

WORD #151:
MASKOPI (common gender/en-word, pl: maskopier)
1. cahoots

WORD #150:
VARGYL (neuter gender/ett-word, pl: vargyl)
1. wolf howl

WORD #149:
TÖA (verb, töar, töade, töat)
1. to thaw

WORD #148:
FÖRTROLLA (verb, förtrollar, förtrollade, förtrollat)
1. to enchant, bewitch

WORD #147:
PLASTFÖRPACKNING (common gender/en-word, pl: plastförpackningar)
1. plastic container

WORD #146:
PJÄXA (common gender/en-word, pl: pjäxor)
1. ski/snowboard boot

WORD #145:
OLYMPISKA SPELEN (neuter gender, abbreviation: OS)
1. Olympic Games

WORD #144:
BUDGETUNDERSKOTT (neuter gender/ett-word, pl: budgetunderskott)
1. budget deficit

WORD #143:
REKO (adjective, informal)
1. (slang) legit

WORD #142:
DUMDRISTIG (adjective)
1. foolhardy

WORD #141:
FRYSPUNKT (common gender/en-word, pl: fryspunkter)
1. freezing point

WORD #140:
VOBBA (verb, vobbar, vobbade, vobbat)
1. to work from home while simultaneously caring for a sick child

January 1, 2018



Hej, jag älskar din sida.

September 7, 2018



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February 2, 2018


Tack så mycket

February 5, 2018


is your name from sjolunden?

March 21, 2018


Yes, it is! Cool that you recognized it!

April 4, 2018


Vabba as in vabba barn is from the acronym Vård av Barn VAB Vobba is when you work from home and look after the kids I live in Sweden so tried the Swedish out just for kicks but am learning Spanish.

April 9, 2018

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