new comer

I want to tell every one in duolingo that I just joined it today. it is the best ever. I want to say that I hope that every one playing duolingo does well

January 1, 2018


Hi Sta,

Welcome to Duolingo.

Here are some useful links, to get more familiar with Duolingo:

Happy learning.

thank you for the tips I'm sure I will need them

Welcome to the community sta246487! Let us know if you have any questions about how to navigate the website etc. Also, if you have questions about German, feel free to click the German forum. The more specific the question, the more likely you are to get helpful input. :)

Good luck with your language goals this year! :)

thank you so much

It's a good way to start the New Year. Welcome!

I hope you have enough followers this year

Thanks, good luck to you too!

thanks so much greso

That's an awesome way to start the new year!!!! Best of luck to you and keep trying even when it gets hard!!! Nice profile pic BTW!

thank you so much I want to say that you are the kindest, most well behaved person ever're just being sweet. ♥♥♥ Hope you have a good day!

thank you sparkles

wishing you a good start

same to you I wish you a nice year. I hope you prosper in duolingo

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