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[deactivated user]

    If you look through the Discussion tab, you will see all these people making language courses that arn't supported on duolingo yet. Whether it be text based courses like the Thai one that came recently, or the many duolingo knockoff courses on Memrise.

    I think you all can see where I am going with this.

    Why not give all of this potential creators a spot to create their own duolingo courses, provided by duolingo. It could be it's own tab, or even a whole new site. The site would let them create their own courses without having to know coding language. You could also use this new site to test out new ideas, and how different people will use these ideas when they create their courses.

    I'm honestly shocked that duolingo hasn't done this yet, I mean I know it might take a few years to come out(if it's ever created). But the pay off would probably be huge, finding potential contributors, testing new features, finding new ways of improving existing courses by looking at what others have done, just to name a few.

    edit It seems I need to clarify things, The thing i'm suggesting is not a place to post text forms have language courses that people made. But an actual duolingo course creator, where you can create the skill tree with descriptions, and mini lessons in the skills, just like an actual duolingo course

    January 1, 2018



    This is a brilliant idea! Have a lingot. It would be a bit like Memrise, and super-welcome.

    I can see that it would need to be moderated, to catalogue entry, but that wouldn’t take too much time. You could flag a post for inclusion via something like the report bug mechanism.


    And they could call it … the Incubator!

    Idk, I find the constant serial language-teaching posts irritating. I can only imagine it takes the posters a while to make, and I don't imagine anyone really would use that to learn a language. If this is useful to enough people to justify its chronic presence here, someone please refute me.

    A lot of people seem to treat the forum like a collection of personal blogs. I feel like an appropriate place for that would be a personal blog, hosted individually offsite. No disrespect meant to the people investing time into these things, but I can't imagine the Duolingo Forum is the place for your non–native-speaking, originally researched language curriculum.

    Again, if I am missing something, please reply. I wouldn't want to downvote things that are actually useful to people. I just think a better use of time for people who want to engage in languages is to learn them, the whole point of Duolingo, after all, and not try to create curricula for unfamiliar languages. At least, not until they learn them.


    Fair enough. ZZZ's Finnish posts have been quite popular, and some people enjoy learning about some languages without nececessarily using it to 'learn the language,' per se.

    I just tried my hand at it today. I'll try not to post too often. But I feel as though Duo is a better place for such things simply because if one were to make a blog, it's not a given that people that would like to use it would have access to it, and Duo is a language-learning site.

    I also think it brings attention to the language. But I see your point.


    I understand some of your points, but I have to disagree with a few. For instance, the fact that no one actually uses the posts to actually learn the language is not true, unless I am a special exception. I was very happy when I saw the new Icelandic course created by Freyja here, and I can't wait for future lessons. Also, Zzzz...'s slow Finnish lessons, though those are no longer running and have been... finnished (sorry) were really popular.


    Alright, that's fair, Multi0Lingual4 and Woof.. If people enjoy these, who am I to criticize? I'm aware that just because I wouldn't use something doesn't mean it's not helpful to others. ☺ I would still encourage some limit, though. I noticed a series a while ago that posted often (several a day) and didn't seem to receive much traffic.

    I still think that the OP's request closely matches the core idea of the Incubator, to have volunteer-made courses. Though the process is opaque now, maybe sometime in the future it will get an overhaul, once different scripts and other grammatical features are supported. (And Stories?)


    That would be great! The people who aren't interested in those things could easily ignore them by not subscribing, and it would be really convenient for the people who like reading the courses (like me) and for course creators (like me.)


    Good idea!
    I up-voted!

    Honestly I am shocked, that the staff forces that all threads have to go to Troubleshooting or general "DuoLingo (EN/DE)" sub-forums, e.g clubs, new users, off-topic, etc.

    Every real and bigger forum (e.g surfing, RC hobby flying, biking, etc.) has more sub-forums than just 2-3 - and I am not talking about the language sub-forums and sentence translations!

    There needs to be a way to order and group related postings or move threads around between different sub-forums (by admin/mods).

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