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Français weekly winner XIX (25.12.2017-31.12.2017)

Bonne année à tous! The end of the 2017 has come and so the end of the first season for Français French Club. The winner this week is JoLynne Dougherty winning her 5th tropy with 1015XP. Bon travail! She is the official best learner of the 2017!!! On second place is Henrik Kromann Hansen with 793XP. A new year is beginning and with it a new season. This week I am planning to do not award anymore the first and second place, preparing big changes for the season two. I will anounce the changes soon!

Hall of Fame (number of trophies):
1. JoLynne Dougherty - 5 (1764XP)
2. Kevin Diego Gutierrez - 4 (2839 XP)
3. Eric James - 2 (2888XP)
4. Henrik Kromman Hansen - 2 (833XP)
5. joshua - 1 (1420XP)
6. munlu - 1 (886XP)
7. Antonia Campbell-Nelson - 1 (815XP)
8. Kevin Breaux - 1 (780XP)
9. Conway - 1 (703XP)
10. Alan - 1 (630XP)
Note: In the brackets is the highest XP the learner won.

List of prize for the next week are doubled, to finish this year with a great competition!
1. First place: 0 gems.
2. Second place: 0 gems.

If you want to join in this club, check this link.

January 1, 2018



I sent you 10 lingots.


Bonne année et merci!


I sent you 40 lingots.

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