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Adding New Languages

I don't mean for this to be spam or anything like that because I know how annoying posts about new languages in the incubator can get. But I'm just interested in knowing how languages get selected to be added to Duolingo.

Do they look at the demand of the language, a sufficient amount of contributors? etc.

(Once again I'd just like to highlight that I don't mean for this to be spam and I apologise if this has been asked a numerous amount of times before - I'm just interested)

January 1, 2018



It seems Duolingo adds languages based on their own agenda, with little regard to what the userbase actually wants.


They mostly look at what can be useful to whom and if they can find contributors for it. Demand is a factor but I don't think it is the biggest factor.


It's barely a factor, or else we would have Finnish.


And Latin and Icelandic.


It's very hard to find add a language. There should be a button for it at the top of the screen. Every time I come back I spend ten minutes looking for it. Then I find it's under my profile under the list of languages I have chosen. It's also impossible to give feedback on the instructions. I have signed up for Indonesian, which is in beta. The information on course progress, written in good English, has one error. They say 'literature are' and it should be literature is. How can I tell them? When I click on other links, such as sign up for building the course, the links don't work.

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