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Contact Duolingo?

I cannot find any contact details for Duolingo anywhere on the site. Can anyone help?

I have accidentally set up a refund but cannot contact Duolingo to discuss this while I have been invoiced for it.

January 1, 2018



Your best bet is filling out a report here or sending a private message to them via Facebook or Twitter. The other contacts they provide are strictly for marketing.


If you go all the way down on this page, there is some links, labeled, About, Mobile, Gear, Help, etc., you could click on Help, since that seems like a customer service area.


i would like to thank duolingo for giving me this opportunity to study languages in this way...lately however there have been 'improvements' which set me a little back, such as not seeing the words i click on anymore or having the sound turn on when i click on some words...cannot they be arranged or go back to what it used to be ?? bye thanks


I just realized that you erased all of progressed. All the Skills that I reached Level 4 have disappeared! Is this a mistake. Please help me!

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