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"That year the drought was much worse."

Translation:그해에 가뭄이 훨씬 나쁩니다.

January 2, 2018



"Was" but why is is not 나빴습니다


Yes, indeed! 그해에 가뭄이 훨씬 나빴습니다 seems more precise. Please flag this! :D


Gosh, three years later and it still hasn't been addressed.


I believe this is called Historical Present tense (역사적 현재) used frequently in story-telling. The aim is to get the audience 're-live' the moment, i.e. as if they were actually witnessing the situation. Hence, its other name Dramatic Present (극적 현재).

This tense is mostly used when talking about a marked (important) event.


Shouldn't it be, by any chance, 《훨씬 더》 instead of just 《훨씬》?


훨씬 더 is grammatically correct because 훨씬 only means much/by far, an intensifier for the comparatives 더, more or 덜, less.

But in common usage, it is acceptable sometimes for "더" to be left out. 훨씬 is assumed to mean 훨씬 더 = far more.

The same does not work for 훨씬 덜, far less.


그해에 가뭄이 훨씬 나쁩니다. sounds very awkward though there is nothing wrong with the grammar

그해에 가뭄이 훨씬 심각했습니다. sounds more natural


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