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What about a tree like this?

1.Hiragana1 2.Hiragana 2 3.Hiragana3 4.Katakana1 5.Katakana2 6.Katakana3 7.Little tsu 8. Particles 9.Intro1 10.Intro2 11.Intro3 12.Greetings 13.Numbers1 14.Verbs1 15.Clothing 16.Food1 17.Family 18.Numbers2 19.Time2 20.People 21.Occupations 22.Body 23.Health 24.Adjectives1 25.Food2 26.Nature 27.Weather 28.House 29.Hobbies 30.Sports 31.Adjectives232.Adverbs 33.Verbs2 34.City and transport35.Education 36.Past 37.Objects 38.Subculture39.Olympics 40.Japan

Wouldn't it be better and more satisfactory for a Japanese N5 and N4 course ? Teaching the Kanji of every word that has a Kanji form, teaching animals in the lessons on hiragana and names of some countries in the lessons on katakana.

January 2, 2018



Agreed. It’s super confusing to muddle up Hiragana and Katakana with the rest.


I don't know, learning the syllabaries is one of the easier parts of Japanese, but it helps to learn in conjunction with other words and sentences rather than all at once.


How about simply cutting out #1 to #7 and instead have a link to the hiragana and katakana lessons on TinyCards? :P


No, I think many people would think: why doesn't this course teach the writing system, the Greek course does teach the writing system; something like that


Why would there be a whole skill for little Tsu?


From what little I have learned so far, it’s a complex character, indicating a double consonant or a stop. I’m not there in my studies yet, so that’s probably not quite right, but basically it needs some attention on its own.


Of course, it is a complex character, but does it need a whole skill to itself?


If the "little tsu" were to be included, I'd like to learn all the sokuon "little signs" and the chōonpu "ー" signs, too. They appear a lot in the course. Chōonpu is the "ー" prolonging the syllable, for example: サッカー - sakkaa - soccer (includes small "tsu/ッ" in katakana and "ー" making the "a" into "aa"). Not to mention the "ちゅう"(中) and all it's confused readings from kanji picking, like 中国 ( nakagoku? What?). And they're not explained, at all.

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