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Can I turn off "new word" hints?

These are useful the first handful of times I see a new word but they seem to be coming up even if I've seen a word many times, and it means I can never really test whether I know it myself... Thanks!

July 1, 2012



Yeah, I would like the option to turn them off too. There's been talk about using the 'peeking' mechanism for the system to remember which words you have most trouble with, whilst also remembering those words that you have definitely learnt. So you will only be reminded of words that you've consistently had to peek at. Though I'm not sure if any of that is actually in place or if it's just speculation.


I feel the same way. I don't learn those "new words" as quickly since every time they pop up I just copy what they show as the meaning instead of thinking about them. Trying to avoid looking doesn't help.


It should come up automatically only if the word is new. Duolingo considers different conjugations of the same word different (e.g. lese/liest) because its concept is you learn every word form only when you encounter it. Which is silly, because why would someone learn different conjugations of the same verb separately? Does not make much sense.


i will still go with the flow

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