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Vocab acquisition -- anyone recognize what website this might be?

Hi all! I've been studying German for 3 years and tested at fluent about a year ago (!!) but have reached a sad point of stagnancy in my vocabulary learning-- I'd love to aim for mastery of the language within the next 1-2 years, so I'm challenging myself to take consistent vocab studying back up.

When I first started learning, I found a really cool website that let you learn vocab by reading news articles or misc. web excerpts that it matched according to your perceived level of proficiency. You'd read, and if there was a word you didn't recognize, you could highlight it, which would show the definition and add the word to a digital pile of flashcards that you could study at any point afterward. I deleted the bookmark because I didn't find it fully useful as a beginner, but think it could really help me out now. I just can't remember the name! :(

Does anyone recognize this concept that might be able to pass the site name along to me? If not, do you know of anything similar, or want to share what online tools you find best for advanced vocab learning? Thanks so much for your help!

January 2, 2018



I don't think it was, but this is a really cool tool-- just downloaded the plugin and looking forward to using it. Thanks!


It could also have been an earlier version of https://bliubliu.com/en/


Hmm, the content seems a lot different from what I was using before. It seems a lot more tailored to beginner/intermediate learners but this is definitely something I'll use for Russian if I don't for German. Thanks for sharing!

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