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usefulness of lingots

Am I correct in that it seems there are only three options for using lingots, plus a couple of "bonus" things like idioms and flirting......? If there are other items one can "purchase", where/how do I find them?

January 2, 2018



In the shop you can also get Timed Practice by 10 lingots, at least in the PC, and there's the Streak Freeze. I also use them to give lingots to people when they post or comment something that I find really useful as a way to thank them, and... That's it. Many people have previously discussed that there should be more uses for our lingots, but Duo is improving day by day so probably we'll get something more in the future to spend them.


In the mobile app it also lets you buy two different outfits for Duo to wear, but yeah, it's really not much. I was hoping to buy the Christmas skill, but they didn't put it in the shop because it was buggy or something.

[deactivated user]

    The shop has basically frozen in time. They could easily add plenty of bonus skills for instance... The only thing I'm left to buy is the Double or Nothing thing which will obviously give me more lingots... for which I won't have any use.

    I think the store is there to keep you motivated in the first couple of months or so... after you gain a hefty number of lingots, which you will provided you complete the skills and keep a good streak, it becomes useless.

    Plenty of room for a store revamp.


    You could start an XP contest

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