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Lost streak

Well there it is. After 430 days or so the holidays finally caught me and I lost my streak. So here we go again. :)

January 2, 2018



Isn't there a streak freezer that you can buy for like 10 lingots, I think? You should have bought one.


Very sorry to hear. I lost my streak once but not that far along. I nearly lost it again this weekend as I got on a plane for Europe and couldn't connect for that day or the next and the only thing that saved me was the buy the streak freeze for the weekend option that I saw on Friday before getting on the plane - and I'd never seen that option before. Sorry you didn't get that one. I usually buy the one day but now I'll get the whole weekend one too if available since it saved me. Maybe it only shows up to buy on Fridays. I don't see it right now. When I bought it, it was on Duo mobile app which I rarely use.


I've only seen the Weekend Streak Freeze on Fridays and only on the Mobile app. Sometimes it offers itself after passing the Friday's lessons, but otherwise you should be able to find it in the shop as well (still only Fridays and in Mobile)


It's okay. I know how you feel

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