B2 Exam

Could someone suggest a good model paper practice book for the B2 German exam? Mainly to practice the "schreiben" section. I managed to score 94% in B1 "schreiben" alone but I think B2 looks way tougher -

I write on Lang 8 everyday but I'm still worried that my writing isn't upto the B2 level yet. Any tips to improve vocabulary & writing in general? I'm using the Aspekte neu B2 book. I was planning to give this exam in May 2018, maybe that isn't a realistic goal. Would be great to get some tips from other learners who have already got past this level :) Thanks in advance for your help and have an amazing 2018. :)

January 2, 2018


I think that's a totally realistic goal! I went from B1 to B2 in a similar timeframe-- I was about B1 last November and tested at B2 in March. We used the "Campus Deutsch" books for "schreiben" and "präsentieren und diskutieren" for B2/C1. Difficult, but lots of good stuff inside. Best of luck!

Awesome. Thanks a lot for the info & best wishes. I'll check out those books :)

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