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  5. "중국은 대통령이 없습니다."

"중국은 대통령이 없습니다."

Translation:China does not have a president.

January 2, 2018



That's very irreverent to Pooh bear.


China has a dictator would be correct.


I think that that's not the point. Word 대통령 means 'president', but it is usualy used when refering to the presidents of capitalist countries. 국가주석 also means 'president', but of a socialist country, like China.

김일성 국가주석 - president Kim Il Sung; 습근평(NK)/시진핑(SK) 국가주석 - president Xi Jinping; 챠우쉐스꾸 (NK)/차우셰스쿠(SK) 국가주석 - president Ceaușescu

트럼프 대통령 - president Trump; 문재인 대통령 - president Moon Jae-in


주석主席 is chairman. Chairman Mao and so on.


I think by "capitalist," you mean "democratic."

China today is far more crony capitalist than communist or socialist, but they are far less democratic than, for instance, Mongolia, where socialists dominate the legislature.


Fair pont. North Korea is also quite capitalist by now and also not democratic.
I said socialist vs capitalist having the Cold War reality in mind. Afterall, countries of the Eastern Bloc wouldn't openly admit to being non-democratic, "socialist" was the official term. Now stuff got more complicated than in the past.
Another thing is that there were (and are) non-democratic countries which had 대통령, such as Rhee Syngman's South Korea or pre-WW2 Poland.

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