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"Du lernst schnell, mein Freund!"

Translation:You're learning fast, my friend!

January 2, 2018


[deactivated user]

    Duo seems to be aware that I am testing out of all of my crowns...


    Hallo Dunkelheit, mein alter Freund!


    Shouldn't it be quickly?


    'You learn quickly, my friend' was accepted for me.


    Not really a friendly comment put this way in English. Is it the same in German?


    Well, it does sound a bit like either "old sport" (Gatsby style) or mafia speech, because you wouldn't usually call your friend "my friend".

    But if you want to sound rude without the risk of being misunderstood, I recommend using "Freundchen" (diminuitive) instead: "Get that dog off my lawn, Freundchen! (...or else!)"


    Isn't deminuitive sounds even more rude than "my friend"? It seems to me that "my friend" is just sounds too official and ... like in the books or something like that? *I am not very good in English, but using deminuitivies to a friends sounds to me a bit superior. Like it is addressed to a dog, not to a human o_O correct me if I am wrong.


    Yes, that's what I was trying to say :) - "Freundchen" is rude. Even when I call a dog "Freundchen", I can't originally mean it in a loving way ("my sweet little friend"); either I'm telling the dog off, or I "lovingly insult" it.


    Like: "Get off my lawn, buddy!"


    I was wondering if I was the only one who imagined sarcasm in this comment. It brought to mind Mephistopheles and Dr. Faust... perfect for the German!


    Why would Duo make my answer wrong if I said " You are" ILO You're?


    It shouldn't, if it does it again report it.


    mein freund vs mein freund von mir in this sense


    As an address, only "mein Freund" works.

    When talking about that friend, "ein Freund von mir" is possible (not "mein Freund von mir"), especially if you want to avoid confusion over "my friend" vs. "my boyfriend" ("mein Freund" can be both).


    I guess it is the same in English; 'You learn fast my friend of mine'.

    Doesn't sound quite right to me.


    Why does the female voice pronounce "lernst" as "ley-once?"


    I wonder why sometimes Freund is boyfriend and sometimes just a friend. This is confusing and now i lost a heart because last time Freund was boyfriend but in this sentence it is not!


    Freund = Male Friend/bf.

    Fruendin = Female Friend/gf

    If it says "Hast du eine Fruendin?", which sounds better: "Do you have a friend?" or "Do you have a girlfriend?". It's obviously the latter, because gfs are rarer than normal friends.


    Fruendin = Female Friend/gf

    No; Fründin has to be Freundin with the same eu diphthong as in Freund.


    Re' is not the same as are

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