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So after I finished German To English, I thought why not should I do English to German...

... and it seems im worse in my own language than in English itself. I always fail at the grammar in German, for example. Is that actually horrible or great? My past school marks are showing that, too.

(As a sidenote: Is it actually bad that two years ago I began to train English so I wouldn't need to speak this hard language anymore?)

January 2, 2018



If you have any kind of problem in speaking or writing your own language, which seems to be hard for you. Then switch to English and get fluent in that.


I think your situation is funny. My native language is English, and I don't have much trouble with it, but a little. I thought, "English is hard enough, how hard could any other language be?" I started studying German. I gave up on the first day...

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