"What juice do you want?"


January 2, 2018

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Seems to me 你想喝什么汁 should be accepted. The 要 isn't necessary and the prompt didn't specify fruit juice -- though, admittedly, one would assume it.


I agree that 要 doesn’t seem to be necessary here.

你想什么果汁?is what I tried (marked wrong).


But, on reflection, it does sound nicer with the double syllable. So I’ll try to learn it that way.


Someone else just commented on this one so I’m looking back on this a year later.

想 on its own does sound weird now. 你想喝什么果汁?sure. 你想要什么果汁?also fine. But 你想什么?means what are you thinking of? (Considering doing) What do you miss? (想家 meaning homesick). So 你想什么果汁 has an oddly unintended meaning... What fruit juice are you thinking of? What fruit juice (from your childhood) do you miss?

As wientmg says, on its own 想 really does sound a bit vague and roundabout to be a very good translation for this sentence. It needs something more to pin it down.


你想什么果汁? why it is not accepted?


You need to specify 想喝, 想 by itself means to think of or to miss. Also, 想 expresses a more general wish, but doesn't express the intent to drink. So 想要 or 要 may be better


Why can't I use 你想什麼果汁? Duolingo is accepting both 想要 and 想 in many sentences but why not this?


Just 想 before a noun means to miss it or to be thinking about it. You need to use 想要 at least.

You can use just 想 before a verb though.


What if 什么 is after 果汁 ?? What does it mean then ? 你想要果汁什么 ?


Just to explain, the 什么 is "what" and the 果汁 is "fruit juice". So if you put the "what" at the end the syntax is wrong.


It won't make sense.


Is it alright to say '你想要杯什么果汁'?


Why is "你想要什么杯果汁" wrong?


It would mean "which cup of fruit juice would you like?" as opposed to which juice. But even so that would be better said "你想要那杯果汁?", because when you talk about choosing from specific existing objects instead of general categories (which #of# the cups as opposed to which #kind# of juice) "那“ is used over "什么".


You have a typo. You want 哪 not 那, but otherwise I agree with you.


The English is questionable at best. “Juice” is a mass noun and does not generally support the “technical variety selection” phenomenon that you would see in e.g. “what whiskey do you want” or “what steel steel should we use”. “What kind of juice” would be far more idiomatic if you're trying to capture an idea like “the juice of what kind of fruit”.


It could be 你要哪杯果汁?accepted?

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