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finished my 4th tree

So happy to start the new year finishing my French Tree. Really keen to get stuck into some of the other trees. Wondering if anyone has completed all the trees [referring to the trees learning from an English base]? I have noted some amazing users with high levels in heaps of languages so some must be at least close. Wondering about their insights. How many trees have you completed and what were your favourites?

January 2, 2018



Well, I plan on finishing all the trees this year but mainly as a game and to understand the syntax of the languages as it would take more than 24 hours a day to be able to speak all these languages. I've finished 12 so far and try to complete at least 1 lesson per day in every language.

I'd say Norwegian was probably the best, but it's hard to say it's my favorite as I'm more into Swedish and how close they are makes me confused when I need to type Norwegian. I'm about to complete the Polish tree and I enjoy it way more than I expected so I'd say that's my favorite.


Dorian thanks for your honesty and realism when stating you are treating finishing the trees mainly as a game, and not over-inflating its importance.

Nevertheless, I am very very impressed by your achievements especially all theses level 25 !

It sounds like you are a true linguist.

Bonne continuation!


Wow, now that's ambitious but I'd say if anyone can do it by the end of this year then you can as you have plenty of runs on the board so mean business. Thanks for your interesting comments. 加油朋友!Courage!! がんばてください


Congratulations on completing your fourth tree! I finished only one, which is the Swahili tree. I really like the language, but the course is not the best, as it is full of mistakes.


Congratulations!! So do you feel you could hold conversations in Swahili? Thanks


Congratulations on finishing your French Tree


Congratulations! This is amazing, as not so long ago you posted you finished another difficult (Japanese) tree, it's really impressive! May I ask, what is your mother tongue and what other trees did you finish? :)


Thanks! 哪里哪里?Especially on Duo I find it really humbling. There are so many that are miles ahead of me. But that's great as it's so great to get their wisdom as well as inspiration. I'm a native English speaker {Aussie}. I finished Spanish, Chinese, then Japanese, and French. I note you have a really high level in Japanese and if not already finished must be close to finishing about 6 trees, so that's awesome.


Wow, both Chinese and Japanese - it's incredible! I'm at exactly 1/4 of the Chinese tree and on a break recently, because I kept using the Chinese sounds while seeing Japanese kanji, so I focused on the reverse Japanese for now ;) Could you give me some advice about how did you finish them both, how not to confuse them?

I only have 3 trees: Japanese, Polish (my native) and it's reverse. I learned German and French some years ago and did placement tests to see how much I remember, hence the levels, but they're not finished yet, although I'm well over half of the trees on both. I may finish them this year if I find time ;)


Well for mine the only similarity between Chinese and Japanese is the Hanzi/Kanji, otherwise they're totally different languages and no trouble not confusing them. But in terms of confusing Hanzi/Kanji....well for some reason I don't seem to have any trouble there. I'm not sure why, but I'm trying to reflect and think why for you. One thing I have noted is that sometimes Japanese uses rare/old/obsolete Chinese characters. Also often the Kanji are used in combination with hirigana. Maybe the main thing for me at least, is just seeing the Kanji in context [ie in sentences, not learning them isolated]. Where there are similarities I find this useful if anything to remember the Kanji [I'm stronger in Chinese]...helps create mnemonics. In terms of getting through the trees, the Japanese tree is pretty short. Sorry, I've tried to be as helpful as possible, but I'm not sure if there's anything useful in my reflections there. Best of luck. I'm sure any confusion will just naturally decrease with more usage. Don't be discouraged, it all gets easier and clearer in time.


謝謝你, your reply was very helpful to me! I think I'll focus on the differences between kanji and hanzi in order to not to confuse them. It's true that knowing a bit of Japanese or Chinese makes learning the other one easier. I definitely won't give up on Chinese, you gave me a lot of motivation :)


Hey, congrats and good luck to finishing your other trees!


congratulations! I haven't even finished 1 tree. and good luck on your other trees.


Gracias. You must be getting there in Spanish. Best of luck to you too.


Wow that's crazy and cool. How do you not get confused and mixed up? I am an English speaker and learned some Spanish as a young student. Now learning German I sometimes try to think of the German word and for some reason I think of the Spanish too .


That was also a worry for me when I started to learn several languages...would I mix them up? That has become less of a concern with time. I'm not at all concerned about mixing French and Chinese up as they are so different [plus they're my strongest two]. And I would never mix any of them up with my native English. I do worry about mixing up similar languages though, especially Spanish with other Romance languages. I'll no doubt make mistakes but that will just be something to learn from. I think as those languages get stronger it will become less of a problem.


Congrats! I don't know what a tree is, but I know it is a big deal to everyone when they finish one ;)


Thanks. What DesC7 said

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