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  5. "Lights are being switched on"

"Lights are being switched on"

Translation:Taa zinawashwa

January 2, 2018



Can someone explain this verb, please?


zi- = subject prefix for class 10 (plural of the N class)
-na- = present tense
-wash(a) = ignite, light, turn on
-w(a) = passive voice

Combining the last two gives us the verb -washwa which means "be/get lit/ignited/turned on".

Niliwasha kompyuta. = I turn on the computer.
Kompyuta iliwashwa nami. = The computer was turned on by me. (nami = na mimi)


Helpful explanation yet again, but shouldn't niliwasha kompyuta = I turned on the computer, because it's past tense.

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