"Can you speak Chinese?"


January 2, 2018

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    Could anyone please clarify the difference between 汉语,国语,普通话,and 中文?


    The third one is Mandarin, which is a specific dialect of spoken Chinese. The first one is specifically oral language (Chinese). The last one is specifically written language (Chinese), however, if you are asking if someone speaks Chinese, you can use the first and last one - you'll hear people ask you that, too. 国语 is something I have never heard used, but it'd be something like the national language - it's sometimes used for Chinese like as a subject in school, and it specifically refers only to Mandarin, not other dialects.


    国语 and 普通话 are the different names of Mandarin. Mandarin is called 普通话 in mainland, and 国语 in Taiwan.


    That's weird. 你会说汉语吗?is marked wrong. Why is that? I get that not everyone speaks 汉语 in China, but it should still be an accepted answer.


    "你会不会说中文?" was rated incorrect. Can somebody explain why?


    It should be correct.


    你会中文吗? - This should also be accepted.


    会 refers to your capability: a learned skill or ability. I commonly hear and use ”你会中文吗?” Therefore 说 is not needed here since 你会中文吗 is asking if you have the learned ability to speak Chinese. You can also use 汉语 in place of 中文

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