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Something I find a bit annoying

I use Duolingo on three main devices and I get different results on both. I use my phone and my computer the most, but from the computer I can't access features that the phone provides, like the weekend streak freeze or the little adorable outfits you can put the Duolingo owl in (believe me, I worry about the adorable little outfits the most).

I would love to access these features if I ever wanted to access it from my computer but have a gathering that I have to go to where I can't use my phone. Just a little thing I found annoying, Ha det!

January 2, 2018



Couldn't agree more. If you want to follow discussions, you cannot do it on iPhone or iPad, you need to use your computer. If you want to see the club activity, you need to switch to iPhone or iPad. There are lingots on computer, gems on mobile platform. This deviation should be kept at minimum, as of interface only, nothing more.

[deactivated user]

    I use the app and the site.

    Maybe it's something deliberate on their part to make you use both platforms. You get badges, clubs, weekend amulets and owl clothing on the app but you must use the site to have access to the notes/tips (admittedly scarce), the forums and the words list.


    I almost wrote a discussion about this i am annoyed by it to.

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