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Learning Japanese from the Japanese-English Tree

So I'm trying to learn Japanese from English. Except I've exhausted the in-beta English-Japanese tree (I still use it because it does get more advanced, but it's become a bit tedious seeing the same sentences over and over. It feels more like recognizing sentences I've already seen than learning words, even though I've used my computer to practice with a Japanese keyboard), so at the recommendation of some guy elsewhere on these forums, I've started using the Japanese-English lesson.

I'm still early in it, but it's helpful so far. It's a bit longer, and it gives me a bit more help understanding informal language and seeing more kanji. However, is there a way to make the app make sounds when you click on words in the native language? It would be helpful to hear the Japanese words when I click Kanji, especially as it gets more advanced. However, the app doesn't do this. And I feel like that's a shortcoming for this technique I'm trying.


January 2, 2018



If you have an Android device, there's an accessibility feature that lets you hear any words you select after you press a button. I've switched my tablet's text to speech voice to Portuguese and have been using that to hear phrases that are hard to make out while doing the Portuguese tree. I'm not sure if computers would let you do something like this, haven't tried it, but maybe it's somewhere in the accessibility settings too.


This would be really helpful on my phone, as I have an android! Any idea how I can find this feature?? Thanks so much!!!


I don't know of a way to do that, and I had the same problem when attempting the reverse tree. However, it might be helpful to copy kanji you don't recognize into the website Jisho and write down the meaning/pronunciation.


It looks like if we have an android phote @yozakurahime may have the answer for us. Hopefully we can figure it out that way. This is helpful too though--just searching the kanji will be useful. I am going through memrise to build my vocab, and I'm thinking I may try WaniKani afterwards to improve my Kanji, so then I will be able to get the most from the reverse tree!


Thanks so much for the tip about Jisho, TheClock! That's going to be really helpful!


There used to be a JavaScript that did this but AFAIK it hasn't worked since the big website update.


Have you tried the Lingvist/Rakuten Japanese->English course?

I believe it does require a free Rakuten member ID.


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