"Kateřina a Matěj oznámili, že se v létě berou."

Translation:Kateřina and Matěj announced that they are getting married in the summer.

January 2, 2018

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... they are going to/will get married in summer?


I'm confused: The point of this lesson appeared to be, if the principal clause has a "reporting" verb in the past form, then if the secondary clause is in the present form, the action is still past. But here, the action is present (or future).


I see the problem; maybe the solution is that the two announced something that (then) was in the future, and either still is or has happened in the meantime. In the first case i would use “are marrying,” in the second “were marrying.” But that does not really explain it.


It might possibly be better English to have the latter part of this sentence in the future ('will be' rather than 'are.) Would this make any difference in Czech?


"Kateřina and Matěj announced that they're going to get married in summer". What's wrong with that?


Probably they meant the next summer, not any summer, and then it should be “in the summer.”


O.K. But who can tell me in every single sentence what the moderators are really meant? Because from where I see, in Czech sentence, there is nothing to point at it. P.S: Yes, it's better that way (I mean "in the summer"), but it's unnecessary. If you don't believe me, please, check "Grammarly" or different helpful your grammar checking program.


It is absolutely clear itis this summer, there is no doubt about it. If it were "že se budou brát v létě." then there would be a small posibility it just means it will be some summer and not winter. But here it is absolutely clear.

V pátek jedu domů. On Friday I go home. No doubt about that being the next Friday unless specified otherwise.


question: I thought verb get married was "brat si" ?and not "brat se"...can you explain please? thanks


brát si někoho (with object in accusative)- to marry someone

brát se (intransitive) - to get married

Two different verbs used differently.


I should have found out and known a long time ago ! Sorry ! Thanks !

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