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Suggestion: To improve greatly the speed of memorization when we learn from our mistakes


Sometimes I pass a lesson again and again, many times, and it's just boring and irritating :-(

The reason is what I fail to stick in my mind the correction... then, it takes me 2 or 3 tries to have it in my head, and I have to do the whole exercice when there's several mistakes like this in a lesson. I though of a way to be more productive (so: motivated) when we have to learn from our mistakes, with a very little improvement on Duo.

I'd like Duo to force me to write it well before switching to the next sentence. It's a very small improvement, easy to set, but it would be like a revolution (trust me, I'm familiar with methods of learning) I write it + I hear it = I stick it in my mind! = less tries before doing it all well!

April 11, 2014



I write vocab down. I try to stay away from the book as much as possible but it is handy for remembering.


Yes! It's very good, and everyone should do this, but my suggestion is a bit different, to be forced to write it again when you fail. (You can have it already written in your note book, but you have to write it once again) Learning is about repetitions.


It's too bad that that is the way humans are. If only we got it at first. It would all be a breeze.


They used to have a similar function where you could earn half a heart back by giving you a second chance at getting the correct answer, but their metrics showed that this method did not cause people to use the site more or increase their language knowledge faster.
(but I personally really liked it)


I can't believe it's not efficient -all the studies demonstrate it is. Maybe it needed improvements.

I think it's the opposite, people get discouraged (including me sometimes) because they have to do it again and again, it's better to allow you to gain back half a heart than to make the grammar rules more tolerant;


I think that it would be nice if you could go to your profile and see all your words in a list. It would be better for learning rather than doing strength practice.


I think different people learn in different ways. For you, writing it down seems to work but others may have different ways of remembering. There are other resources which help us to memorise such as flash cards (Anki and Memorise seem to be good and free). I suspect that DL has higher priorities than your suggestion,they only have a very small team. However, report it to DL and who knows?


Hearing + writing = best efficiency (because as you said, some people have a visual memory, and some a auditory memory. Studies shows that when you combine both, the efficiency is maximum.) http://www.bt.com.bn/news-national/2012/07/23/combined-learning-style-more-effective-mit-lecturer


I think that would be a great feature. However, I also think that you can't rely on this website as your sole source of language learning. When I'm having a hard time, I google games or songs for the topic in the language that I'm studying. This is especially helpful for vocabulary. There are so many free resources out there. Something is bound to help.

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