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My Intentions

I always start my language study with a statement of intentions, because it helps me focus on the goal and not get caught up in the inevitable diversions, setbacks and roadblocks. I failed to do this with Russian and Korean, and I got stuck and eventually disappointed. For some unknown reason, symbol recognition for Japanese is easier than Korean, and I can easily read it (except of course for Kanji).

I plan on using this site, a textbook, YouTube videos by Misa on Japanese Ammo (also her website articles), Easy Japanese YouTube videos, Lingohut dot com, and Fifty Languages on-line tools, to master the basics. I'll continue to collect notes, links, and update my digital notebook.

Then I will visit Japan with my wife, and feel comfortable moving about outside of any tour group. Any thoughts or advice, please comment.

January 2, 2018



I wonder how did it go?



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