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Why are you learning the languages you are learning?

What motivates you to learn it? Why do you learn the language(s) you're learning?

For Guarani, I am interested in South America, so I'm working on Guarani, and hopefully better improve my Spanish and Portuguese.

For Czech and Romanian, I love the sounds of the languages.

For Swahili, I have cousins living in Africa, and I want to learn languages that are from where they live.

What about you?

January 2, 2018



My girlfriend is from France, I am from The Netherlands. I just want to know what she is saying instead of talking English all the time which is quite hard for her. And I love the sound of French, it's a very beautiful language.


That's a great reason!


Spanish because it's useful where I live.

Swedish because I want to move to Sweden.

Italian, Swahili, Czech and Ukrainian because they're pretty. I want to learn Hungarian for this reason too but it's not my focus now.

Welsh, Greek and Korean are some of my favorite languages, and when Arabic comes out I'll do the tree and learn more for the same reason. (And if they ever add Zulu I'll do the tree for this same reason)

Japanese because I took some classes when I was 12 but forgot most of it so I hope to relearn and improve.

Chinese just because I want to speak it. It's so fun to speak (Thai is also fun to speak).

Turkish I'm learning just because I have an interest in the Islamic-majority areas of the world.

Hebrew and German I want to learn at some point because of the areas I'm interested in and I also learnt recently that I have distant ancestry in places where those languages are spoken. I'm doing just the basics of each for now. (And I want to do Yiddish and introduce Russian at some point because of this, but I figure, not right now.)

Eventually I would like to learn many more natural languages to a point but this list is perhaps enough for now.


Great reasons! You are learning a lot of languages! I wish you good luck with them.


Spanish: I go to Spain a lot, I love how the language sounds, I might want to live there for a bit when I'm older, I love Spanish culture, I'm doing a Spanish GCSE outside of school, my friend is fluent in Spanish

French: I want to go to France, I'm doing a French GCSE in school, I like how French sounds

Portuguese: Is similar to Spanish, I'd like to go to Brazil/Portugal, I like how it sounds


That's really awesome! Good luck on your goals!


I'm learning Spanish because it's a great language and I will be visiting Mexico soon plus I take Spanish at GCSE so this helps a lot!!!


That's really great! Yeah, Duolingo is a great resource.


I was stationed in Germany, There are Spanish speakers and radio near where I live. I am starting French (up to 20%) and will start Italian next month. New languages to become smarter in my old age. regards, ken btw - follow my progress by clicking on my Duolingo stage name.


That's really great!


I've always wanted to learn a language, so I decided to use Duolingo. I chose German because I have multiple friends who speak it :)


Great reason! It's always good to communicate with your friends.


English, German and French:

  • my professional literature is mostly written in English and German, rather than in my mother tongue (Dutch)
  • holidays in England, USA, Germany, France and other countries in Europe
  • watching English and German broadcasters
  • it is very interesting to read about the news in the world in more languages, in order to get a more objective point of view of the news
  • Germany, England and Belgium are the neighbour countries of the Netherlands.


Nice reasons! That's cool that your native language is Dutch!


French is beautiful, that's why I learn it (:


That's a good reason! I have some Malagasy friends and they speak French sometimes. I have to agree. :)


I'm the same: I love the sound of French. I also want to live in France when I'm older and I'm doing it for my GCSEs :)


For the most part its recreational and aimed at keeping sharp. Spanish because it is useful. French, Swahili, High Valyrian out of curiosity. Arabic for career. Turkish as a bonus language for my career.


Good reasons! I agree that Spanish is very useful (at least where I live).

[deactivated user]

    I married a Brazilian!


    i just have an obsession with spanish


    That's a good reason too. :)


    Japanese is a beautiful language to me & I love how it sounds, the country & Japanese culture. Plus anime & manga.


    Good reasons! Japanese culture is really unique.

    [deactivated user]

      Half my family is Mexican and speaking Spanish was a dream since childhood, now realized. It makes me so much happier feeling closer to my roots and speaking Spanish is very useful in Phoenix. I also travel to Mexico and it feels great NOT having a language barrier! As I have explained to others, English is in my mind, Spanish is in my heart. But once I finished Spanish here, I started French and continued Spanish outside duo. I discovered I enjoyed languages and took Italian. I think Italian and French are my absolute favorites because they were never familiar before duo, but I found that I totally love them! Now I'm continuing with German. I finish the course here, and speak as much as I can with natives. So fun!


      Great reasons!


      German because I live 7 kilometers from the German border so I often come to Germany. It's also a compulsary subject at school.

      French because it's been compulsary for three years at school but I chose to continue afterwards because it's such a beautiful language and I've been to France several times, it always came in handy. And I definitely will go to France more times :) Also, speaking French helps me with learning other Romance languages such as...

      Italian. Which I started learning when I went to Italy for holiday in 2016, but I continued learning afterwards because I just loved the language. Also, because I went to Rome last year.

      Norwegian because I've been to Norway three times and picked up some bits there, started learning it more seriously after my travels. Typically me. But anyway, I started to love the language as well and since it was so easy for me as a Dutch native, I continued learning it even though I didn't have any plans to go to Norway again.

      I see that I'm getting a bit repetitive, because Czech is also a language I learn because I love the language and the country itself. We went to Czech Republic for the first time last year so I started learning it, and I loved it. A completely new language, but it opened the gate to other Slavic languages as well.

      Which brings me to my current learning project which is Slovenian. We've booked our holiday to Slovenia a few weeks ago so I started learning right away :)

      Quite a mouthful and quite repetitive, I know. I could also just say that I learn all my languages because of my passion for travel. Oh well :)


      I'm currently learning French and Spanish in the hope I'll get a job that requires me to speak a foreign language.

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