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Mandarin and Ukrainian YouTube channels

I'm currently learning Mandarin and Ukrainian despite what my account says right now (that's back in 2014). And I was wondering if any of you guys know of any regular channels about anything really, gurus? (those makeup girls and stuff. I don't really watch them but it'll help me learn), traveling vlogs, everyday vlogs, hauls, stuff like that, songs (covers as well), everyday life, anything really is appreciated!!
Thank you so much in advance if you do comment! -M.

January 2, 2018



They don't have a ton of stuff in Mandarin and Ukrainian, but I highly recommend the Easy Languages channel to anyone learning a language. They are super helpful. I could go on about how good they are, but you can see for yourself!



Just took a look and it sounds helpful! Thanks!


I have nothing much to add but Ukrainian seems like a very interesting choice! So much hate towards Ukraine going around these days.. I'm Ukrainian :)


See also for possible resources: Language: Natural: Ukrainian: Can you give some links about Ukrainian? [URL] https://goo.gl/7tyCEs

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