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Tinycards--What cards do you practice?

I'm just curious what people are learning with tinycards. I'm learning anatomy, nature, language, geography, flower names and more. What are you learning?

January 2, 2018



I have used Tinycards for a number of topics, but I am very fussy about the language cards, which often are inconsistent or contain errors. There is apparently no way to purge undesired sets or inform the authors about problems.


I have made a repository post for all my decks and included a link to an Ask.fm channel, so any user who finds an error with my decks can use either of those to report them. I wish I could say the same could be done with other TinyCards creators.


That's great! One never knows how accurate something is when you are learning another langauge.


One of the reasons I like Tinycards is because I can learn about anything I am interested in, without even having to work that hard to do it! (Yay!) I have studied Morse code, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Spanish, Portuguese, advanced English vocabulary, anatomy, geography, Arabic, Latin, chemistry, and coding among other things; all on Tinycards. I also like all the other fun decks people make about various movies and books they enjoy.


I do use the Duolingo Spanish tiny cards and anatomy but my favourite decks are the ones with more obscure trivia. I really like Harry Potter Spells, Egyptian hieroglyhs, sanrio characters. I like to search and see what creative decks users have made. I also like looking at different alphabets, like runes and tengwar, but I am not really trying to learn them.

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