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  5. "L'orso vede lontano."

"L'orso vede lontano."

Translation:The bear sees far away.

April 11, 2014



Nota Bene: Bears have poor eyesight, but an excellent sense of smell


Quest'orso porta gli occhiali.


I had 'the bear sees a long way' which I think is better English than 'The bear sees far away'. Doesn't it mean the same thing?


It is far better English. I did the same and have reported it. I hope you did too!


It's terrible English. Like you, I put "a long way" - which isn't great but is better than "far away". "A bear sees far away" means that the bear, being far away, sees something. Gobbledegook. Duolingo could easily have come up with more natural yet challenging sentences than this (and many others). Still, I keep reminding myself that this is a free app, for which I'm very grateful! (grovel grovel)


Reported again 30 June 2017


And again 19 April 2919. They are obviously not giving any credence to the better translation. '...sees far away seems as though the bear is dreaming.)


And again 9th October 2019! I think the problem is that the algorithm probably translates "a long way" as una lunga strada (i.e. literally), but no English speaker would say, "The bear sees far away".


actually, it isn't english at all - even though the words are english


It is better than Duo's, but for me, at least, an Englishman would never say it like Duo translates it. I would simply say, 'The bear can see a long way'. In truth, I cannot see the point that Duo is making in sticking rigidly to their translation.


I put "far" rather than "far away" and it was accepted. Personally I would never say "sees a long way". But I understand all forms.


me too. At least it should be an alternative answer...


the bear sees a long way is better than far away


This is still incorrect English. "The bear sees a long way" (or "a great distance") is correct. Reported again 09.05.16


The correct English is "the bear sees a long way", believe me I'm a whingeing POM! Reported several times but ignored. Come on Duolingo, fix this error.


It is not correct English. You can see a long way...


just a warning - if the bear SEEMS far away, be careful, maybe it isn't!


The answer is not English. The bear can seem far away or could have distance vision. Is it ambiguous in Italian?


You can't say this in English and be understood


"The bear sees a long way" is STILL regarded as wrong English! Reported yet again 23.5.16


And again 3.8.16.


2017/07/14 AUDIO: "L'orso" sounds like it has three syllables.

Aside to the people complaining about the English phrasing: it doesn't matter if it makes sense or is something you would say in English. The object is to translate the Italian into English, and lontano == "far away".


I disagree fundamentally with GScottOliver. "Lontano" is capable of being translated into English in many ways. All translations should use the best possible form of the language being translated into. If there is a correct way of doing something, why choose an incorrect way?


Absolutely, the reverse is true, too, and Duo seems to apply the rule in that direction, i.e English into Italian.


Totally agree, HW - I see you have reported this several times, and I have reported again today. Do DL ever check reports?


I understand the principal but if this is true, then how would you say "the bear sees a long way" in italian?


Good practice, but zoological nonsense.


No, no -he's got binoculars!


DuoLingo appears to be really into bears.


my translation 'the bear sees a long way' is more accurate than yours, but was marked wrong by your non variable mechanical system

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