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Duolingo plus - can you delete downloaded skills?

I'm currently pootling about with the Italian tree, and I just figured out that it seems to automatically download a couple of skills ahead of where I'm at, presumably in preparation for the possibility I'll want to study when I don't have a connection.

Frankly. this seems very sensible, and if I was currently studying a language I was serious about, I'd appreciate it very much, BUT... I'm doing Italian purely for fun and as an overview of the language, I have zero intention of going back to it unless something changes drastically in my life.

At the moment, I have masses of space on my device, so (at least in theory) it shouldn't be a problem to have these lessons downloaded, but I imagine it will eventually start adding up alongside the lessons I do want to keep, and I don't want Duolingo to just download everything I ever try and study, no matter how much of a dilettante I'm being.

I've poked about in the app settings and tried doing a long press on the check mark that says you've downloaded a given lesson, no joy. I imagine if I deleted and reinstalled, that would get rid of downloads, but it seems like overkill. I was trying to look in the memory storage to see if there was an option to delete associated files, but my device is being a slowpoke.

Can anyone tell me how to delete skills that I don't plan to ever go back to? I'm on iOS, if that helps at all.

January 2, 2018

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Love how you're pootling around. Each language I stud,y I have a different intensity of interest in--some serious, some curious, some just wish to touch the surface, some somewhere in between them all!

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