No lingots received for achieving 290 and 300 streaks. Who should I ask for help?

Hi everyone,

I was pretty excited to achieve the 300 streaks, especially since it was one of my last year's resolutions to do lessons every day and, after I broke my streaks at bout 50, I was more determined so I startwd from scratch and managed to finally get to 300 today.

However, no more lingot reward. I was expecting to receive 30 of them but nothing happened. This being a huge incentive for me to keep going, it's a bit disappointing. Upon looking into i it I noticed that I have actually received no lingots for achieving 290 streaks either.

Have things changed again or is this only a bug? Who should I ask for help?

Thank you.

January 2, 2018


The last few weeks I see many discussions about this issue. Maybe it is a so-called A/B test, maybe it is a bug.

Who should I ask for help?

January 3, 2018

Thank you. I have reported the "bug".

January 3, 2018
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Yup I missed out on my last two ten-day streak rewards as well. Hopefully it is just Duo holding on to his lingots to survive the harsh winter, and he'll be more generous once it warms up.

January 3, 2018
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No streak reward for me either. I hope that Duolingo realizes by the examples here of users with long streaks, that tbe reward was effective in getting people to practice every day. It seems counterproductive to remove this motivation, silly as it may seem...

January 7, 2018
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It appears to just be a bug in the android app. Today I used the web page exclusively, and was successfully awarded my 75 lingots.

January 9, 2018

I wasn't using the app. I always use the web page exclusively but I have still not been awarded my lingots for my wagers.

January 9, 2018

This looks like a joke to me! Someone earlier suggested that this might be related to the app, so the 1st lesson I did today in the morning was on the website. I was so happy to see a notification that I was awarded 68 lingots for a 680 day streak. Then I've finished some more lessons in the app... just to see now that the notification about 68 lingots disappeared!

I didn't count how many lingots I've had, so I don't really know if they were added and then removed???

If someone could test it and make screenshots, I would really appreciate it. Otherwise I'll do it in 10 days...

January 9, 2018

Actually, this notification appears on the discussion pages and only not on the home page, but that might be caused by high latency duo is experiencing now and server caching.

I already thought it appeared after I've made exercises on the website for the second language I have practice reminders setup for.

Edit: The notification appears on the main page now, so this was unrelated.

The conclusion for me is that I will get awarded with lingots for my 10-day streak if the first lesson on that day was done on the website.

January 9, 2018

I got no lingots for 1130 or 1140.

September 4, 2019
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