"Ein Mann und ein Junge"

Translation:A man and a boy

January 2, 2018



Why is the "J" in "Junge" capitalised here even though it's in the middle of a sentence? Are all nouns capitalised in German?

June 15, 2018


Yes, all nouns are capitalised in German.

That information is one of the first things in the tips and notes for the first unit on this course, so I'm guessing you may not know about the tips and notes which explain German grammar.

They're not available to most users of mobile apps, which is why I would not recommend using mobile apps for learning a language on Duolingo (though they can be useful for revision).

On the Duolingo website https://www.duolingo.com/ , you can access the tips and notes for a unit by selecting the unit and then clicking on the light bulb next to the 'Start' button:

If you don't see the light bulb on a small screen (such as a mobile), you could try requesting the Desktop view of the website; if that doesn't work, you may have to use the website on a larger screen (such as a tablet or laptop computer).

June 15, 2018


Thanks so much! Yes, I use the app on my phone, and have never seen that lightbulb icon. I wonder why they left it out on the mobile app. Unfortunately, it's not possible for me to use a computer or similar device right now, so I'm stuck with the phone, although it seems that using the site on the phone instead of the app reveals the lightbulb. How do I request the desktop view for the app? Do I request it on Google play? I have requested some other changes there before, like including cyrillic keyboards for people who can't access other languages on their keyboards (mine can only harbour 5 languages and I already have 5 languages set on it for regular use, so I could use a keyboard provided in the course) and courses for some new languages. Sorry if my question is a stupid one and thanks :)

June 18, 2018


"request desktop view" is something that some browsers (e.g. Safari, Chrome, Firefox) provide when viewing a website that behaves differently when it thinks it's being accessed by a mobile device compared to a desktop.

It's not something you can do from within the mobile app; it's only applicable to opening the website on a browser on your device.

June 18, 2018


It is accessible from your chrome browser. Just click on 3 dots that are on the top right corner, then you scroll down till you see "request desktop view". Just click on it and you are good to go..

May 8, 2019


Es ist wichtig-what does it mean

June 7, 2018


Es ist wichtig means "It is important".

June 7, 2018


Oh wow, in Age Of Empires 3, the German explorer says "wichtig" when you tell him to go somewhere. Awesome!

July 13, 2018


I thought he said "richtig"?

January 9, 2019



June 28, 2019


a boy in German is ein junge

January 2, 2018


Nearly. It is ein Junge in German -- capitalised, because it's a noun, and all nouns are capitalised in German.

January 3, 2018


Junge = kid? :(

April 7, 2018



Junge = boy. That is, a male child.

"kid" or "child" is a young person but could be male (= boy) or female (= girl).

April 8, 2018


but doesn't 'knabe' also mean boy? what is the difference between knabe and junge?

April 12, 2018


Knabe is also used to mean "boy", especially in the south and, I believe, in Austria.

This course considers it a regionalism.

So use Junge here, which we use as the standard German word for a boy.

April 12, 2018


ah, that makes sense. my mother was from vienna. thank you :-)

April 12, 2018


I'm noticing that 'Mann' and 'Junge' is capitalized, does German have different punctuation rules for capitalization?

July 18, 2018


All nouns are capitalised in German.

This is mentioned into the tips and notes for the very first unit -- if you did not know this, perhaps you don't know about the tips and notes? If so, you're missing out on a lot of grammar exaplanations.

They are currently not available to most users of mobile apps, so I would recommend using the website https://www.duolingo.com/ .

The tips and notes "hide" behind a lightbulb in the little window that pops up after you have chosen a unit:

July 18, 2018


Why sometimes 'Ein' means article 'A' and sometimes 'The'...

November 6, 2018


On my phone "Junge" sounds like 'youmer'. Is this correct?

April 2, 2019


Where to use ein and eine ?

June 15, 2019


Where to use ein and eine ?

Use ein before nouns that are grammatically masculine or neuter.

Use eine before nouns that are grammatically feminine.

The grammatical gender of a noun is simply something you have to memorise; eine Person, for example, is feminine even though a person can be male; ein Mädchen is neuter even though girls are female; and ein Löffel is masculine even though spoons are neither male nor female.

June 15, 2019


Pronounciation of "junge"?

June 18, 2019


Boy wasn't an option .-.

June 24, 2019


Sometimes Jung Is Not There In A Sentence

June 30, 2019
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