Dormant bell icon and Followed discussions

I used to get the bell icon on top right with a number every time I received a response to my post or to a discussion I'm following. Now it's always dimmed. The only time it comes to life is either when I reach a 10-day streak or if I win my 7-day lingot bet. I still receive the emails that someone has posted in a discussion I'm following, but when I logon to Duo, there's no indication of it anywhere. I need to click the link from within the notification email to bring me to the discussion page. Also, Duo used to automatically mark a discussion as being followed for me if I were to post in it. Now I have to remember to manually check 'Follow Discussion' before I move away from the page, otherwise I lose the link discussion stream page. Anyone experiencing similar issues?

January 2, 2018


Since the "forum maintenance" that happened three months ago (3rd October), that bell has only been showing notifications of people following me and getting lingots for a 10 days' streak of 7 days' wagger.

You can find dozens of discussions about this issue. One of them

January 3, 2018

nowadays "follow discussion" is the way to go. And then check back to your followed discussions.

January 3, 2018
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