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Is it just me, or did a bunch of features just disappear from Duolingo?

I haven't been on Duolingo for a good while, but since revisiting I've noticed that some of the things that used to be on here aren't, such as:

  • Immersion (the thing where you translated documents)
  • Conjugation (I'm pretty that when you hovered over a word, it would show all the conjugations)
  • Posting on other people's walls
  • Personal/friends activity (you could see what lessons and skills people have been working on)
  • Extended Progress Test (never tried it myself, but I don't see it in the shop anymore)
  • In-lesson tips (hovering over a noun would give me an explanation for masculine and feminine nouns)

There's probably more stuff that's changed since I've last been on here, but are these changes here for everyone, or am I in some kind of beta-testing thing?

January 3, 2018



Those things are gone, yes, but there has been a lot of new stuff created. Off the top of my head:
* Stories (in "Labs" - currently being beta tested and only for a few languages from English)
* Bots (on the apps)
* Clubs (on apps; you can chat with your club members here)
* Duolingo Events (in "Labs" - currently being beta tested)
* TinyCards - https://tinycards.duolingo.com
* Podcasts - only available in Spanish so far https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25469851
* Duolingo Plus if you want to get rid of ads and be able to download content for offline practicing https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24911332

There have been some other things introduced that didn't make the cut, too, like a health system.


There have been some other things introduced that didn't make the cut, too, like a health system.

I recently installed Duolingo on my mom's phone so my sister can learn Spanish, and she still has health. Explain?


I still have health too when I use the app, but other people I know who use the app don't have it. I'm not 100% sure why this is but I've always just assumed that it was an A/B test where they give some people health and don't give it to others to compare them and see who's making more progress, so they know if it's a good idea to make it a permanent addition.


I feel that when you click on someone within your club that it should display their skill tree.


You can N O T* click on the other club members to access their profile.

This only works for the mobile dashboard, if you directly follow users on the web portal.

I am a "club admin" of two clubs nd I can even not find out users full nickname, when they only have set their prename.

Even the admin can not go to users profile pages from the clubs tab!!!


I think the TinyCards app is the most useful addition.


Unfortunately, all the things you describe on your list have disappeared, like mastodons, passenger pigeons,and rotary phones. While Duolingo is still a good resource for practicing languages, some of the features you mention would really improve it if they were to return.


I still have a telephone with a rotary dial on my desk.


And the newest and for me best addition that will be added soon> Upcoming Feature: Skill Levels! https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25615588

Which can take you to a much higher learning level than Duo has had until now.


While the idea is excellent, the implementation will determine the actual value of this feature. I'm hopeful, but a little dubious.


On some trees I've gotten to having roughly half the exercises (I guess the Duolingo official word is "challenges") into the target language, very roughly half being multiple choice and half free typing. Do the skill levels wind up being significantly different than that: virtually all free response challenges into the target language?

Even if they just evened out the experience between trees (I don't get more than maybe a tenth of translations into Russian on my Russian tree, for example — clearly ridiculous), I would be happy. But if it could mimic the reverse tree experience, I would be happier still :)


This article might answer some of your questions about changes on Duolingo:


There's probably more stuff that's changed since I've last been on here

Many change are mentioned in the ....

Use http://translatihan.com/ as a replacement for Duolingo's immersion.
It is managed by Mark van Roode, a well-know former user of Immersion.


These are all gone for good.


Why were those features removed?

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