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Continued progress with German

I've gotten all gold on a section that starts with Business 2 and Future 4 and ends with Culture and the World. But I am not being advanced to the next level. Does anyone know why?

January 3, 2018



Nuno is right. Did you get the trophy with Duo congratulating you?

The level on Duolingo reflects the amount of work we put in one tree, nothing more. Theoritically, one can reach the 30000 XP needed for maximum 25 level by doing the first lesson of basics one 3000 times : not interesting but possible.

Finishing your tree at level 20 is actually quite good, many people rush then are stuck at level 12 or 13 with only reviews to do, and get frustrated. You should still use "Strengthen skills" for a general work out of what you learned, and also strengthen individual units, should you feel the need to improve or consolidate that part of your tree.

For many people on Duo, the "advanced course" consists of doing the reverse tree, the one teaching your mother tongue to the native speakers of your target tongue. I've done it with my native French and German, with as much fun as benefits. And while I consistently review these two trees, I've just taken up the German from English one, which proves challenging even if I do speak a decent English :)

Plus, in a few months time, the trees should get a update, where the more advanced learners would get mostly the most difficult exercises: looking forward to it :)

Have a wonderful new year, and remember to be proud of what you already achieved :)

[deactivated user]

    After the World section you receive the big Golden Owl and you kind of graduate... no more progress beyond that as far as I know.


    ... can I just say "congratulations!" on getting through the tree? I hope to be all the way through the tree by the end of January, and all golden sometime in March or April (work other than Duo needs to be done, so will be slowing down during that time period).

    Again, congrats!


    All best wishes! Viel Glück zum neuen Jahr! Une excellente année 2018 :)

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