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Vi behöver Stories på svenska! Snälla!

Can we please get stories in Swedish too? I will LOVE you forever and ever if you make us stories in Swedish. Thank you!

January 3, 2018



Hi Ryan925016,

See this comment from vivisaurus, who stated that they're testing the project on a small scale still to see how effective it is before they expand it onto other platforms and languages. This is how the Labs section will work--users are given the privilege to get a glimpse of some of the projects that the staff is working on currently. :)

The feature has already been expanding into two more languages, so it's possible that stories in Swedish might be added too.


I found several bilingual editions ()Swedish/English) of short stories in Amazon.com. They are not expensive. Just search "bilingual Swedish", and you will see what is offered. A good investment, considering that Duolingo already gives us a basic grasp of grammar for free :)


Please add stories in Swedish. I am enjoying the stories in French and would love to do them in Swedish.


Yes, please, please, please! I would also love the duolingo team forever!

[deactivated user]

    They best add Swedish.


    No stories in Swedish, yet there are in several other languages. Just for fun I tried one in Italian. My rusty Italian (of several decades ago) turned out to be more than good enough so 41 XP points added and I got lured into taking an Italian course (which I didn't ask for in the first place).

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