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"Tea helps against the thirst."

Translation:Tee hilft gegen den Durst.

January 3, 2018



Is Duo just learning English? Native speakers would NEVER say this!


Does "the thirst" mean a specific thirst or just thirst in general?


Difference between helfe and hilfe?


helfe is a form of the verb helfen "to help". It's used when the subject is ich, i.e. ich helfe = I help.

Hilfe is a noun: "help".

I don't think hilfe (lowercase) is a word in German at all.


Trying not to get bogged down in grammar but I have to ask: isn't 'Helfen' one of the verbs that triggers the Dativ case? Shouldn't that make this 'dem Durst' and why does it not? Does it have to do with 'gegen'? Thanks in advance :)


Yes, helfen can take an object in the dative case to show who is being helped.

This sentence doesn't say who is being helped.

den Durst has accusative case due to the gegen.


Mizinamo, you rock. I can't tell you how many times I've had questions that you've answered clearly and precisely. Many thanks to you!


I translated this "Tea helps for thirst" and it was marked wrong.
That answer should be accepted. "Tea helps against thirst" isn't something an English speaker would say. American English, anyway. Maybe they would say that in some other country.
Actually "tea helps when you're thirsty" is also a good translation.

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