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  5. I just lost my 580 day streakā€¦


I just lost my 580 day streak..

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/G0mLz

Last couple of days been without a home due to my water system failing and completely forgot XD

Not too annoyed about it, I am looking forward to not having to worry about it!

Sidenote: Anyone want some Lingots?

Edit: Why the hate? I thought people may take some amusement in my downfall

January 3, 2018



Man now I can stop feeling sorry for myself over losing a 30-day streak and start feeling sorry for you. At least you're staying optimistic and not throwing pity parties like me, so good job!


Oh noooooooo!!!!

I lost a 420 day streak once and was about like you are. I knew it happened, it wasn't a surprise, it was what it was.

Then I lost a 189 day streak without realizing it, and the shock was pretty big and disappointing.

I'm so sorry about your water system!! I hope it's not too difficult to recover from. No wonder you forgot - and it shows you have your priorities in order :D :D


Use this as a chance to plan a trip so somewhere without a wifi like Yellowstone Park I plan on losing my streak this way. Sorry for your loss and great job on such a long streak.


Sorry to hear that you lost your streak due to the water system issues. I hope you have good luck from here on out! I know it takes dedication to have a streak that large.


Oof. I lost a 39-day streak, but 580 day streak? That's rough man.

Well I hope everything is going alright with you even outside of Duolingo, sounds like it's been pretty hard for you the last few days.


I think being homeless is a reasonable excuse to forget. Hope everything gets fixed.


That's sucky. I can commiserate. Same thing happened to me. What helped with my motivation was deciding to try and beat my old streak.


Aww, That's to bad, but I'm happy you are not to sad about it. I would be.


That sucks, but congrats for having a sensible attitude about it!

I lost a 400+ day streak and it was a bummer, but at the same time it gave me a reason to take a breather from Duolingo and not get too caught up in OMG MUST KEEP MY STREAK. There is something freeing about breaking it.

I'm now just getting to the point again of where I reeeeally don't want to lose it...


Oh, I know the feeling I lost 379 day streak once when I went on a cruise. Hope you get back your steak through more days on Duolingo!

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