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Renewing 7-day wager without giving up chance at lingot chests

Twice now I've noticed that when I complete a 7-day streak wager, the offer to start a new wager pops up and if I choose it, the pop-up with the lingot chests to choose from disappears and does not return. Is there a way to have this not happen? I would just make sure to pick a chest first, but the wager pop-up comes up so fast that I don't even get the time to do it! Does anyone know a way around this? Thanks!

January 3, 2018



I would try NOT purchasing the 7-day streak wager when it pops up, go on and select the lingot chest, and THEN go into the lingot store to buy the double or nothing.

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Another way around it is to use the webpage (I love Labs - > Stories) to quickly achieve the daily XP goal, then simply bring up the app to collect the chest reward.

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