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One Year Anniversary on Duolingo: Should anything change?

One year ago this very day I started Duolingo for the first time. I thought I was only going to stick with it for a few weeks but surprisingly I kept going and did not stop for a whole year. One year ago I set down a goal that one year from then (today) I would start another language, but now that it is that day I feel hesitate to do so. There are some reasons for that. One is that I don't know what language to pick. Two is this question, will I lose interest in the language I am learning currently if I start another one? Has anyone else felt hesitate to start another language? What is the best level to be to start another language? What language is easy to learn with the current one I am learning but is still different enough and won't let me lose interest in Portuguese? I know this is a lot to answer and is slightly confusing but since I can't decide on my own, will you please try to answer these questions to the best of your ability. Thank you in advance and have a happy 2018 year.

I'm sorry if this type of topic comes up regularly and you feel as if it should be down-voted, but I just needed other people to help me answer my questions. My final verdict is to lay off other languages until later. Thank you all for answering my multiple questions. :)

January 3, 2018



Don't hesitate to start a new language. Just pick a language that is very different from the one you know now because you will get very confused. I don't know Portuguese, but if you find another language that is totally different, you should learn that. I lost interest in Spanish as soon as I started German (no offense to the language) and I am flying through German. They are pretty different, so I can learn both. If you like Portuguese, you probably won't lose interest. Happy new year!


Have you tried the German for Spanish speakers course? :)

[deactivated user]

    Spanish is the closest to Portuguese, followed by Italian. If you value the "different enough" criteria more then you can do no wrong with Italian.

    The best level question is very subjective though.


    Check out the courses Duolingo offers for Portuguese speakers, to practice two languages at once. :)

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