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Does anyone know a realistic way to get all course skills simultaneously at strength level 5?

I completed the French tree last month and was feeling like it was a worthwhile accomplishment. Then, of course, I wind up with this achievement requirement to get all 78 modules simultaneously at strength level 5. This is especially challenging since the strength levels start dropping after a few days and are frequently not increasing even when I complete a strengthening practice.

Does anyone know a realistic way to do get all 78 modules to simultaneously have a strength level of 5? I'm not interested in taking two weeks off work and doing nothing but Duolingo French for 12-15 hours a day for that 14 days to finally get them all at strength level 5.

January 3, 2018



When I did my trees, I would typically do five reviews and then tackle one new lesson (not skill set - single lesson) if I felt like it. I finished my trees around level 21 or 23 and my skills were always gold.

Just try doing several reviews a day. At first the skills will decay quickly but if you are consistent the decay rate will slow down and they'll begin to maintain full strength.


I've found that lessons/reviews done on the app fade much faster than those done on the website.


As others have said, consistent review is where it's at if you want your tree to be all gold. The only other way I know is to do a tree really fast (I'm talking a few days) and then regilding any that have decayed, which will be relatively few, but that won't stay good for very long.

Consistent reviewing over time, not using hints, not making mistakes, will enable a fully gold tree. Whether it's worthwhile or not probably depends on how much practice you actually need.

I know I've had the Ukrainian tree entirely gold (using the Speedy Gonzales method which I don't especially recommend for retention) and the Hebrew tree gold (using regular review), so it's definitely possible. (I think I've gilded Russian and possibly Esperanto in the past as well, but it's been a while.) If you take it slowly but steadily, you will get there, and don't have to take hours a day to do so.

Making no mistakes and using no hints will make skills stay golden for longer. Also, it's possible to regild a slightly decayed skill using a general timed practice even if you only get a couple of questions for that skill (you can sometimes gild more than one at a time this way) BUT that gilding will last longer if you do a proper strengthen. The first time I completely gilded my Hebrew tree, I had a pretty golden tree, so did a lot of timed practice on mildly decayed skills, and did all the ones that were decayed, but because I only mildly strengthened each skill, the next day a whole bunch of them had already decayed.

If you review consistently and regularly and make very few (or no) mistakes, eventually you will get to a point where the gilding on any given skill lasts for ages (I've seen three months suggested, but tbh, some of my very early skills in EO and RU never seem to decay even though I've neglected them for way longer than three months), so you can get a tree to a point where only a very few skills (if any) will decay each day.

TL;DR: yes it's possible, and the way to do it is consistency. Not only is taking a couple of weeks off and blitzing it unrealistic, but it isn't actually the best way. Little and often is the wayne to get results.

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