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  5. Finished the German tree.


Finished the German tree.

Started a few years ago. Did it for like a couple weeks and gave up.

Hit it hard the last 64 days and finished tonight. Sometimes I wanted to stop, but kept going. Told myself to keep pushing through it.

So keep up hope if you're struggling. And stay consistent. Every day.

Going to start Spanish soon.

Happy New Year.

January 3, 2018



Congrats. Good job on not giving up. :)

Uebung macht den Meister


Gut gemacht!


Viel Glück und ein wunderschönes neues Jahr :)


Holy moly 1177 days. Das ist verrücht.


I struggled to keep up with three


how many levels of German are there? Some people show 19, some show 25.


There are 25 levels.


That confuses me because i only have six more skills and 12 skills I need to strengthen and I am just at level 16. Are you English>German? Or from another language? Or - after finishing, do the skill levels increase when you keep all the skills strengthened?


Every so often your skill will weaken and you have the option to strengthen it, when you strengthen it you gain some experience.


how many xp a day?


Average 100ish for a while, then avg 150 or so with some bigger days thrown in. Mainly because I was keeping the whole tree gold each day too. Which took longer as it went on. Was hard to add new stuff in addition to practicing the old stuff.


I see you attained level 19 for German. I'm at level 16 and was wondering how many levels there are. Then I see some with a 25 next to the German symbol. Why is that?


There are 25 levels and they are based on xp points acquired. So you could repeat lesson 1 a bunch of times and not finish tree but be at level 25.

This is how I understsnd it. But I may be off.
You can see how many points away from your next level you are by clicking on your own name.



Congratulations! Well done! ☺


Well done! I have still got 21 skills to finish and then I have got my whole tree. I have started the German course only 11 days ago. (:


Dang! Du bist sehr schnell.


Great job! I am working on my Russian tree now


Gute Arbeit! I went the opposite way: I finished my Spanish tree and now I am working on the German one.


Thanks for this! I just restarted for new years because I got like half way and stopped and don't remember anything.

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