"Víc pracujme a míň si stěžujme."

Translation:Let's work more and complain less.

January 3, 2018

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Where is MORE hidden in the Czech sentence? All I see is: Let"s work and complain less.


Sorry-- I guess I need better glasses ;-)


I am translating this as "Let's complain less and work more" Why is this incorrect?


Do not switch order of elements in any list or the order of clauses in any sentence, it s not supported here. Follow the order you were given. That's all, there is no other reason.

It would require way too much work, which we do for free, to support all permutations everywhere.


Thank you for your reply. I realise now that my error came from the fact that I didn't read pracujme but pracuje which left stěžujme si as my main focus.

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