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Expectation vs reality language doodles

Hello!, I know the whole "Expectation vs Reality" is kind of old by now, but I wanted to draw a few revolving around language-learning. Hope you enjoy them! ( or at least some of them )

Watching TV to improve language skills :

Studying multiple languages :

Accent failure :

I suppose this one isn't really an expectation vs reality, but I wanted to make it anyways. Pronunciation :

Ich hoffe dass du es magst, und Frohes Neues Jahre! ( ich bin spät, es tut mir leid )

January 3, 2018



jaja so truee, nice drawings btw :)


Wow I love this!! Well done :D


Expectation: I want to learn everything they say in this K-pop song! And I can sign it overnight flawlessly!

Reality: I understand literally 2 words and can probably read the pronunciation of the song name after I studied hard. Also am I pronouncing that right?


Exactly my experience when studying Finnish. Despite all my studying I only usually recognize a few "hyvä"s here and there when listening to Finnish songs.


Love your drawings! I wish that I could be as good as you!


Thanks, that's very nice of you to say!


I relate to a lot of these, especially the Danish one (but I also can apply it to Circassian, Georgian, Abkhaz, Chechen, and Ingush).


Genau! Sehr lustig. Ich danke Ihnen für das Teilen.


Danke für dein Kompliment!

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