"How long do we stay?"

Translation:Wie lange bleiben wir?

January 3, 2018



Is "wie lange" how long with regards to time, vs. "wie lang" how long with regards to distance or physical length?

January 3, 2018



(In spoken informal language, people sometimes use "wie lang" for time as well, but I recommend sticking with "wie lange".)

January 3, 2018


Why 'bleiben' at third position and not in the last?

February 6, 2018


It's not in third position; it's in second position where it belongs.

wie lange? is one unit and takes up the first position of the sentence - you can't split it up.

Compare English, where we say "How long do we stay?" and not "How do long we stay?" or "How do we stay long?": "how long" is a single unit and cannot be split up.

"Positions" in a sentence count not by individual words. A group of words that has to stay together will count as a single unit.

February 6, 2018
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