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How do you do the "r" sound in French (and also in Spanish)?

So I've been doing a lot of French lately, and I am doing fairly well on pronouncing some of the French vowels and consonants. Well, except for the "r" sound... Some people say that you have to use your throat for this consonant but how? I sound like a car engine while practicing, spitting on my screen .-.

Besides the "r" sound in French, I'm having trouble trying to say the thrilled "r" in Spanish. I've tried to listen to videos on how to do the Spanish "r", but they're really confusing, some of them tell you to "flap your tounge", how do you do that???

January 3, 2018



French : Open your mouth. Close your throat as if you're going to gargle or to avoid swallowing a mouthful of liquid, and say K carefully, several times. Pay attention to where in your throat the K sound is made. We'll call this the K place. Begin slowly closing your throat, until you can almost feel the K place. Your throat should be only partially constricted. Tense the muscles around the K place. Gently push air through your partially constricted throat. Practice saying Ra-Ra-Ra (where R = steps 4-6) every day.


The sound you're describing is /ɣ/, not /ʁ/. As a correction - when you find the "K" place, move your tongue further back and down, until you reach #9 on this graphic:


Ok, I'll give it a try, I will practice with your example! Thank you!


Spanish "r" is almost identical to ر (the arabic r); I would like to elaborate how to do it but I may result to a Filipino accent (Too much language study makes your English bad -_-)

  1. Open your mouth
  2. Place your tongue as if you're going to say the English "r", but if you're tongue is at its "peak" position, stop there (it looks like an incompleted r)
  3. At the same time, blow air out of your lungs while slowly closing the opening of your mouth with your teeth

Otherwise a more childish way to do it is something like this (idk if it'll sound like Filipino accent again)

  1. say "broom" "broom"
  2. feel the air that passes out on your tongue as you say the "r", that's the Spanish r

Besides, that's just how I pronounce the Spanish "r", I'm a native Filipino speaker so it's easy for me, I don't know if you comprehend this or how it will work on you, if you know Arabic you could consider pronouncing /ر/ for the Spanish r


Also, the "r" in the word "Quran" sounds the same as the Spanish r /قرآن/


Ah, I see, I'll start practicing (I'm Filipino too, from the Philippines)


Then good, the Filipino r is the same as Spanish r, like the r's in arì-arìan (property), rumaragasâ (raging) and oràsan (clock)

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