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Traditional and ZH-TW

Hey, I know this is in beta, but I'm excited to see it finally coming out, are there any plans to update the course so that it covers both traditional and simplified chinese, at least, or perhaps including Taiwanese vocabulary variations at most?

It would certainly make it easier for me to recommend it to all of my foreigner friends here in Taiwan if there was a "don't talk like a pirate" mode.


January 3, 2018



Hi everyone as varigby pointed out I have written an extension for Chrome that will allow you to do the whole course in Traditional and I am developing it and adding features most days.

As for Taiwanese. I don't have the resources to do the audio, sadly as it does sound nicer. Even some of the vocabulary it is difficult take 麵 vs 麪 vs 面 for noodles. The first is what is used most in Taiwan but it is slang almost, the second is the true traditional character and the third is a character that evzryone can understand from Singapore, to Macau to Hong Kong to the mainland.

I will assess how much Taiwanese vocabulary is different from traditional, but for now you can do the whole course in traditional, only a few characters will be Taiwanese slang.


For now I'm working on this plug-in to allow you to view the characters' meaning, for both Traditional and retarded characters as it appears a lot of people want this


Thanks to Robin for making the Chrome extension. I mostly have been taking the course on the Android app but will be doing it on my laptop more often so I can use the extension. I live in Taiwan, so the simplified characters are not very useful for me.


according to the developers, they are planning to include the traditional characters but we will have to wait for awhile for that i suppose. http://making.duolingo.com/say-nihao-to-duolingos-chinese-course

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